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Mr Fitta Gym Presents


Boxing combinations and Drills

Mr Fitta Gym Presents


Boxing combinations and Drills

Personal training

Train one to one with an experienced personal trainer

Group training

Train in small groups or own one of our training classes

BoxFiTT: Boxing combinations and Drills

Open gym

Not interested in personal training or classes, not a problem, you can always do your own thing

The Friendly Gym for Men and Women.

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Dedication leads to RESULTS… and we are totally dedicated to help you on your Fitness journey.

Mr Fitta Gym was first opened in 1976 and over the years has built a reputation for offering a friendly environment where people can escape the day to day stresses of life (even if only for a couple of hours!) to focus on self development. Whether it is to build muscle, develop ‘usable’ strength, lose weight or simply get fit, we have the resources to get you there.

You are always welcome

 Opening Hours



Monday 27 May (Bank Holiday)

10am – 7pm
Mon – Thursday
7.30am – 10pm
7.30am – 9pm
11.30am – 5.30pm




Amount (£)




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Don’t want to commit then you can get:

  • Day pass £8-£10
  • Weekly pass available
  • 2 Week pass available

*Call the gym for more information


Our Services

Need a Personal Trainer

Sometimes we need that extra push to reach our fitness goals. Whether you are a complete novice, a seasoned pro or even an athlete . We have got you covered



For some people desiring the ‘class’ effect we use the whole gym for these. We believe that taking a group through a 4–6 week progressive program is much more effective than ‘drop’ in classes that tend to mix people of different abilities

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